Client: ESPN, Kobe Bryant
Title: Detail From the Mind of Kobe Bryant
​​​​​​​Role: Design, Storyboard / Concept Development

Kobe Bryant is producing a 15-episode run of 'DETAIL', that
 will live on ESPN+.  The premise of the show is that Kobe will 
assume the identity of a player in a game, and then break down 
the player’s performance within 24 hours of the game happening.
 My team was tasked with coming up with a concept for the 
promotional TV spot and logo for the show.

:30 TV Spot 

Storyboard / Concept Frames
Kobe breaks down film after key playoff games during his new show, Detail, on ESPN Plus. ​​​​​​​
Amazon Prime Digital Banner
Inspiration / Mood Board

Design Evolution

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